The school Madonna founded when she won the lottery

The school Madonna founded when she won the lottery

One of the hobbies of Madonna is to spend her good money on lottery tickets, especially the purchase via internet in a lottery administration based in Rome, and send it directly to the United States.

As far as it is known, she has not had much luck in the draws, but things changed when in 2012 she got a prize of one hundred and twenty thousand euros, of which not a single cent was left.

Thanks to this money, which the singer donated entirely to an NGO, a modern school could be built in Nigeria, with all kinds of sports facilities and spacious classrooms.

Madonna visited the school when it began to function and, over time, has continued to make donations for its maintenance.

One hundred percent supportive woman, the artist created the Raising Malawi Foundation in 2006, in which she helps the most disadvantaged children in education and health issues.

She also provided funds for the construction of the Mercy James Children’s Hospital, which is named after one of her daughters. Apart from receiving sick rings, the institution has a training school for doctors and nurses.

Precisely, four of her adopted children were born in the Republic of Malawi, a small African country located next to Tanzania and Mozambique.

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