In the last few hours, a bomb exploded in the Spanish press that soon went off around the world. And it is not for less, given the magnitude of the figures involved. As reported in The newspaper the Colombian star Shakira and the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué They would be going through a crisis in their relationship that has been going on for 12 years. At this time, they were parents of milan and sasha and they became one of the most impressive couples in the world.

With the city of Barcelona in full swing, the rumors pointed to a dissipated life of the world champion with the Spanish team and Barça. First the journalist Melih Esat Emergency pointed to the mother of his partner Gavi, young promise culé, like third in discord. The version was dismissed, but from the Mamarazzis podcast they linked Piqué with a 20-year-old blonde, who works as a model at private events, without giving names or photos. Also, they realized the active presence of the footballer in the Catalan night in company with another colleague, Riqui Puig, which would have resulted in Shakira’s final decision to end the relationship.

But while the world talks about her, Shakira kept quiet about it and focused on her professional tasks. In recent days, the author of “Ciega, deaf-mute” traveled to the United States to be part of the NBC program Dancing with myself. It is a dance contest in which the participants are not professionals and the Colombian must evaluate the movements together with Nick Jonas and Liza Kosh. In her social networks, Shakira expressed her joy for participating in the contest of which she is also one of the producers, sharing images with her new companions and showing little tips for performing the choreographies.

It was precisely from the presentation of the great NBC show that another video went around the world. It was a mischievous reaction of the actor Henry Cavill when noticing his presence during a gala and from which the networks made a feast. However, this recording that began to circulate on social networks a few days ago corresponds to an episode from 2015, at the premiere of the movie ‘Operation UNCLE’. But this did not mitigate the versions of an alleged link with the actor of Superman while another superhero, the Captain America Chris Evans would also be interested in the barranquillera.

While the networks activated and deactivated rumors in record time, Shakira continued to show her work on her Instagram account. And at the moment her last publication refers to an achievement that shows her popularity and validity over the years. Her mention is for “Hips do n’t lie”, one of her greatest hits, her collaboration with Wyclef Jean released in 2006 and reached a billion views on Spotify. The singer uploaded the announcement of the platform and with a text in English she thanked her fans: “So honored. Thank you for all your love”.

Of the rumours, of course, not a mention, except for the comments of his immense number of followers, more than 77 million, who leave their messages of encouragement. But there is also a place to make their solidarity side visible. This is the work of the foundation Barefoot, created in 1997 and inspired by their third album. In this case, the reference was for tasks of the ophthalmology team helping the youngest in the city of Cartagena.

Shakira’s busy agenda took her on a trip with her children -and without her husband- to Ibiza and then took her for the first time on the red carpet in Cannes, where she captivated paparazzi and onlookers with her beauty and friendliness. The retroactive splinters of the supposed crisis also reached her presence in the French city and her last single was not spared either. It is that in some verses of “I congratulate you”, her collaboration with Raw Alejandro premiered on April 21, many saw some darts for Piqué: “To complete you I broke into pieces / They warned me, but I didn’t listen / I realized that yours is false / It was the straw that broke the camel’s back”. The one born in Barranquilla sings and many automatically thought of the soccer player.

Beyond this great professional moment, the Colombian could face an appointment with Justice in the coming weeks. After almost three years of investigations and one of having requested a last resort to avoid being judged for alleged tax evasion in Spain, the Barcelona Court rejected the request made by Shakira and confirmed that the singer must go to trial to answer for this and five other crimes, even though the court has not set a date.

In accordance with the Prosecutor’s Office of that country, the Colombian was responsible for defrauding the nation for 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, while her team of lawyers argue that at the time she lived in the Bahamas and her stay in the European country did not exceed the period of time that requires her to pay taxes. Through a statement issued by the accused after learning of her decision, she and her team of lawyers warn that they will continue the process to prove her innocence.

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