Selena Gomez celebrates her 30th birthday party with Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez celebrates her 30th birthday party with Taylor Swift

The actress and singer Selena Gomez has changed the decade and has released the 30 years surrounded by friends. At this stage of her life, the artist has learned the importance of taking care of mental health, a topic that she frequently talks about on her social networks and on which she has launched an ambitious project. In addition, she triumphs on television thanks to the Disney + series Only murders in the building, a comedy with touches of mystery that recently launched its second season. Her beauty brand, Rare Beauty, has also brought her a lot of joy lately. There are many reasons to celebrate her, beyond her 30 years. And nothing better than celebrating it with the ones you love the most. One of her closest friends, fellow singer Taylor Swift, was not missing at her party.

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Selena Gomez herself has shared a couple of photos of the birthday party on her social networks, where some have more than 338 million followers. In the image, Selena can be seen with her friend and colleague Taylor Swift, who appears posing with a surprised face and showing three fingers, in reference to the decade that the protagonist of Only murders in the building fulfilled. As published by some American media, the birthday dinner took place in an exclusive restaurant in Topanga, California. For the occasion, Selena chose a flattering white minidress with a pleated finish, a simple and romantic design that confirms the star’s taste for preppy well she flags. Taylor, for her part, has opted for a red dress with a daisy print and a certain boho aesthetic.

In another of the images, Selena appears laughing and once again demonstrating her sense of humor. Just a few days ago, the artist made headlines after starring in a fun video on TikTok. While preparing to do a little beauty tutorial with one of the Rare Beauty lipsticks, her grandmother, at that moment outside the room, exclaims: “And in the end, what happened to that boy?” Selena opens her eyes when asked. eyes in an attitude of surprise and murmurs “I’ll tell you in a second”, and ends up laughing at the unexpected situation.
A friendship of more than a decade.

Taylena, as fans refer to the friendship between Taylor and Selena, can boast one of the strongest friendships in the music industry. The two have known each other since they were teenagers and over the years have made it clear how well they get along. When they coincide on a red carpet they do not hesitate to pose together, and even on stage they have shown their good harmony. In an interview, Selena referred to the Bad Blood singer as one of her best friends.

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