the prestigious MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022 They took place last Monday, June 5, where several artists were awarded and recognized for their talent used in their different film projects, as well as television.

This year’s ceremony was hosted by the beautiful actress Vanessa Hudgens with the beautiful American presenter Tayshia Adams. Being the first installment in 1992, having about 27 categories where series, movies are awarded, this year the teen series Euphoria stood out by taking four awards.

However, fans of the beautiful and talented actress Scarlett Johansson were happy, as the 37-year-old actress stood out with her iconic role as the beautiful and intelligent spy. Black Widowin the category of “best hero”.

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competing with Daniel Craig by “No Time to Die”, with the actor Oscar Isaac in his movie “Moon Knight”, Simu Liu by “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”and with the actor of the moment Tom Holland in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”.

Being the only woman in the category and standing out among all of them, since her character opened a great field for superheroines in having a great acceptance by the fans, as well as having a great development of her character.

Scarlett Johansson: stands out with beauty and talent at the MTV Awards,

Scarlett Johansson: stands out with beauty and talent at the MTV Awards,

As Scarlett Johansson She was one of the pioneers in the film world, wanting to make many changes within the industry, which she did. celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen they thank him for his interpretations within the world of comics.

To close with a flourish with his character from Natasha Roman off they made a movie for her in which she is the total protagonist under the name of Black Widow being a phenomenon among the followers for the reason that it would be the last time that Johansson would be seen in that suit.

Of two categories in which the film of the beautiful actress was nominated, being the winner in that one, while the second would be like “best fight”, taking the prize the series of Euphoria with the Maddy characters’ fight with Cassie being iconic for the reason that she went out with her ex-boyfriend causing them to cause problems between the friends.

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