Salma Hayek gathered several of the Latino personalities who attended the MET Gala 2023 to be photographed together and give strength to the Latino power in one of the most important events in the fashion world. Anitta, Maluma, Jenna Ortega and Spain’s Penelope Cruz posed with her.

Actress Salma Hayek was one of the prestigious guests who attended the MET Gala 2023, an event that paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld. She was one of the Latinas who was present and did not fail to vociferate that fact through her Instagram account, where she posted photos along with other Latina personalities who went to the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

The photo gallery opens with Hayek next to Jenna Ortega, the young Latina actress who became world famous for her portrayal of Wednesday on Netflix. The next image shows the actress with Anitta and Maluma, two of today’s most famous Latin singers. In the third graphic we see the four of them together and in the fifth one joins the very famous Penelope Cruz.

In this moment that Salma Hayek wanted to capture with all the Latinos present she missed the presence of Bad Bunny and actor Pedro Pascal. “#latinopower I don’t know where #pedropascal and #badbunny got to,” said the actress as she posted these photos that have garnered almost a million likes on Instagram.

Latino netizens did not stop commenting on the photos. Many of them expressed their pride for being born in a Latin American country:

“How nice to see Latinos united”, “Gracias a dios nací en latinoamérica”, “Que preciosura. Latino Excellence!”, “How I LOVE being Latina! How beautiful it feels” and “Proudly Latina” are some of the comments left.

Salma Hayek’s style

Salma Hayek wore a red dress to attend the MET Gala 2023 in honor of Karl Lagerfeld. The actress decided to wear a dress in that color because the designer loved how she looked in red.

“Karl Lagerfeld always liked how I looked in red, so thank you @gucci for creating this dress to celebrate his legacy,” said the Mexican actress while showing off her Gucci dress.

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