Pregnant billionaire Rihanna gets thrifty at budget store in LA

It has barely been a month and a half since Rihanna announced that she is pregnant. The businesswoman, who turned 34 on February 20, has not given more details for now than her obvious pregnant belly on each red carpet she attends, nor has anything escaped her partner, rapper A$AP Rocky. However, the fans of the Barbadian do not miss any photograph of her from her day to day to carry out her theory about the baby she is expecting.

The one who was an interpreter of songs like Umbrella, Diamonds  or Work  -but has not done anything related to music since 2016- has not said if what she is expecting is a boy, a girl or if she will raise him as a non-binary gender person, hence they had to be his followers who speculate. And RiRi has given them material for it.

It has been the Daily Mail newspaper  that has brought to light that several witnesses saw Rihanna recently put a small orange dress in her shopping cart, which has given rise to the widespread idea that it is a girl, although other users think that the color has nothing to do with it because although there are colors widely associated with a gender (pink or blue), orange is totally neutral.

Of course, the fact that it is a minidress could already give an idea, since she as a mother knows it, especially being in the third trimester of pregnancy. In addition to pausing for a long time at a display of baby clothes, Rihanna also opted for what looked like socks and stopped for a long time at a stall with t-shirts and hair ties for the little ones in the house.

Rihanna expecting a girl as she picks up a mini DRESS

The founder of Fenty was accompanied by her friend, the Murcian model, DJ and designer Sita Abellán, with whom, according to the media itself, she would later have dinner at the well-known Giorgio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

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