Rosalía eats tacos in Mexico City and unleashes the euphoria of fans

Rosalía eats tacos in Mexico City and unleashes the euphoria of fans

Tacos de pastor and Mexican food from renowned restaurants were the protagonists of the stories of the Spanish singer Rosalía, who is visiting Mexico City.

“Rosalía is in Mexico City and I don’t know what to do to find her (find her) and tell her that she is the goddess”, mentioned Camila Grandi, a Twitter user, among hundreds of fans of the creator of “El mal quiero” (2018) who also wrote on social media.

A photograph with tacos and bags of hot sauces from the Orinoco restaurant accompanied by a “wow”, announced Rosalía’s arrival in Mexico City, a place she had not returned to since 2019, when she had her first presentation in the country as part of the Festival Ceremony.

After that, the singer documented her car ride through the busy city with mariachi music in the background and showed once again her love for Mexican food this time by visiting the Pujol restaurant, by renowned Mexican chef Enrique Olvera.

Some of her followers were lucky enough to meet the singer on the street and took the opportunity to ask her for a photograph and others are attentive to the tracks to see if they can see her.

Although the Catalan singer has not explained the reasons why she is in the country, it is known that she will have a dynamic with a national radio station that is promoting a “Zoom & Greet” (virtual meeting) with her.

In 2018, the singer burst onto the world music scene with the song “Badly” from her second album “El mal quiero”.

The mixture of flamenco sounds and aesthetics with pop culture and the urban genre revolutionized the industry by showing the coexistence of tradition with the present in a renewed way.

Since then, the singer has remained at the top of the popularity charts with collaborations with artists such as Ozuna, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Travis Scott or J Balvin and currently for her romance with the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro.


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