Rosa Benito turns 65 enjoying life as she always wanted

Rosa Benito turns 65 enjoying life as she always wanted

Rocío Jurado sang “Like wings in the wind, I raise my heart to God” and it was a phrase that became an anthem in many countries that never tired of listening to one of the great voices of this country. The truth is that his sister-in-law, when she began her television career, also followed this hymn because she did what she wanted and proved to be a public figure that was worth having in front of the screen, but the character devoured the person.Rosa Benito began as a collaborator years ago to talk about the life of Rocío Jurado and all the aspects of that heritage that to this day continues to be the protagonist of many media pages. Later, it began in Save Me and it was in that format that he dug his own grave.

The problems with Amador Mohedano, her then husband, began to appear in the media and Rosa Benito went on to talk about the lives of famous people, to talk about her own. Survivors were presented and won, a beastly audience and a contest that many who have gone through this tough reality show already wanted.

He sold his life, his misfortunes, his divorce, Amador Mohedano’s infidelities and even his suicide attempt due to the situation that he had to face: the debts that his ex-husband had generated, but he went back. The collaborator knew how to go on time and now collaborates in ‘Ya es noon’ with Sonsoles Ónega where we see her radiant every day and without talking about her private life.

Today, one of the television animals that has given a lot on the screen, turns 65 and does so with a vertigo-like physical figure, a job on television and united with his family. What Rocío Jurado’s sister-in-law had always dreamed of has become her daily bread and there is nothing that gives her more happiness than the tranquility she now possesses.


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