Natti Natasha Pregnant: Announces it at Lo Nuestro awards

Natti Natasha Pregnant: Announces it at Lo Nuestro awards

Natti Natasha reveals that she is pregnant at the Lo Nuestro awards

One of the surprises left by the Lo Nuestro awards last night was Natti Natasha’s announcement about her 6-month pregnancy.The singer broke the news when she received the award for the best tropical song of the year for her collaboration with Romeo Santos on the song “The best version of me.”

“Today we celebrate twice, this great gift that the best fans in the world have given me and this blessing that is here in front of you today, a blessing that God sent me, one more proof that women are warriors “.

“So many doctors told me that I would not be able to be a mother and I share this six-month-old belly with you today,” said the singer of hits such as “Without pajamas” and “Criminal.”

Natasha added that she now has to work harder than ever for her baby, whose gender she did not reveal, and expressed her love for her fiancé Pina, who kissed her belly before she went on stage.

In an interview with People, Natti Natasha revealed what she had to go through to become a mother, from depression and anxiety to hormonal treatments that did not work at first because she did not produce enough eggs.

“When he did the exam, the doctor told me: ‘No matter how hard you try to get pregnant naturally, it won’t be able to.’ So he told me that the next step was to do the insemination treatment in vito,” so the singer of Criminal underwent the process.

Treatment consisted of hormone injections, which she had to give every night. Natti Natasha says that for the week she had gained 18 pounds and that she could not even fold her arms, sometimes the emotions came in the form of tears or happiness.

On February 1, Natti Natasha announced her commitment to Raphy Pina with the publication of a video on the Instagram platform where she was shown wearing a luxurious engagement ring on her ring finger.

The famous reggaeton woman showed off her spectacular engagement ring with what appeared that she is going to the altar and thus will abandon her single status.

“I also wanted to shout it from the rooftops. I said yes “; were the words of the 34-year-old singer who accompanied the video with her new song.

Natti turned to her recent song Before the Sun Rises to boast of her romance and how happy she feels next to her future husband Raphy Pina, although at the moment she did not reveal the date of the next wedding.

In addition to the beautiful engagement ring, you can see in her Instagram photo that her boyfriend is holding her hand, while the rays of the sun from the beach are reflected behind his hands, a beautiful landscape for the marriage proposal.

Thus, the Dominican started on a very good foot this 2021. In addition to her recent song with Prince Royce, she boasted her courtship with Pina and now the followers are looking forward to more details of her next wedding with her manager.

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