The singer Natti Natasha has surprised her followers on her tour of Argentina, and that is that she posed in a very sensual way during her stay

The singer Natti Natasha is going through one of the best moments of her musical career, and that is that right now she is taking a walk through Argentina, a country where many of her users of the social network of the camera have stated that it has done her a lot of good behind the photos you’ve been sharing recently.

The Dominican last Monday uploaded several images where she shows herself quite sensual, while she wanted to highlight her skin color with a brown outfit, and that she accompanied it with rings, white boots that almost reached her knees, as well as the top she was wearing as her ‘boobies’ pronounced it.

The singer of the urban genre wanted to surprise her more than 36 million of her with whom she has on Instagram. For this reason, her comments did not wait, and it is that many of them called her “Goddess”, after having shared several photos of her after her tour of Argentina.


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“You can see that Argentina is good for you”, “I love your Dominican bori picket”, “Domi arrived planting a flag”, “The kitten went hunting today”, “Now yes, she is giving us quality content”, “ Enjoy my beloved Buenos Aires”, “She was my queen, now she is my GODDESS”, “The hard one of the hard ones”, “The queen of reggaeton”, “What a beautiful woman”, “You are a Goddess”, “Look what is that bombonazo”, “Beauty of a woman”, were some of the expressions that were generated by the shared post.

However, opinions have always been divided, and it is that there were Internet users who took the opportunity to make negative comments about the aforementioned publication, some of them stated the following:

“But what is the need?”, “You are the only one who can stop the war, tell your husband or he will continue to be a joke on YouTube, tell him that @donomar is better and that he is the consolation prize”, “Control you cri cri criminal! That is burning alone”, “While Pina talks slime, Natti makes you throw slime”, “I guess you are no longer in the fame of music, you will be just like Paulo, you will come back but singing music that no longer hits”, were other impressions.

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