Natalia Téllez Shows Off Her Baby Bump for the First Time

Natalia he boasted since yesterday his discreet baby bump, when she was reunited with all her fellow program members because she had been absent for a while. Tellez was very happy to see them all, but especially Paola because they had more time not to coincide, since the journalist had left before.

Rojas had to be absent due to being infected with Covid-19, but today, all the Net They were able to celebrate that in a few months they will have “a niece” to spoil and that she will be the youngest member of the broadcast, which has everyone more than excited.

Already in the program, Natalia made several confessions; In addition to the sex of the baby, she also shared that she is more than excited about the fact that she will have a daughter, something that she finds endearing because she recently lost her mother and the girl is the perfect consolation.

Another topic from which Natalia wanted to deepen was that the father of his daughter, Antonio Zabala, does not put any hindrance and has been the best with her, so much so that she does not care what time it is or what she asks of her, as long as she satisfies all her cravings during this sweet wait.

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