Mila Kunis reveals her techniques to cope with Confinement as a Family

Mila Kunis reveals her techniques to cope with Confinement as a Family

This week the artist of Ukrainian origin, Mila Kunis, sat on the sofa of Jimmy Kimmel’s night program to delve into the experiences she lived, along with the aforementioned Ashton and the two children they have in common, little Wyatt (6) and Dimitri (4), during the months of stricter domestic confinement.

Everything is said, the popular comedian and presenter reacted with understandable astonishment to one of the anecdotes that Mila wanted to share in her interview, related to the supposed party in which the actress appeared with her entire family.

“One day I told them: ‘Well, guys, we’re going to a’ rave.” My husband was amazed and I reassured him by saying that I had everything under control. And I’m really not kidding: there we introduced ourselves. my four year old son and six year old daughter and adult husband, and I took them to a baby shower.

There was music and lights everywhere, it was a party organized literally by a company that is dedicated to mounting ‘raves’. It looked like they had gotten acid or something. The children loved it, but not so much for us,” he said jokingly.

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