The spanish singer Miguel Bosé He affirmed this Saturday at the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico, that the stoppage forced by the pandemic (COVID-19) took away his career and it was a difficult and painful time that led him to write his memoirs.

“We have spent almost two very difficult years, very unpleasant. They have taken many things from us, many people, many emotions, a life, a business from many, they have taken away my career ”, said during the presentation of his autobiographical book “The son of Captain Thunder.”

In a talk with his followers who packed the main forum of the fair, Bosé was optimistic that the health emergency will not be prolonged and “normality” will soon return, which has to be better than before.

“These are difficult times while we wait for everything to return to normal again and to return has to be better or we do not want it”, he sentenced.

The singer, who has caused controversy for his denialist positions during the pandemic, revealed that his refuge in the middle of the break forced by the period of isolation in the world was to return to his childhood and review some of his memories, a work that he captured in the book that came out a few weeks ago.

He said that the more he went into his memories, he was clear that it would be “The backwater” to deal with “Misfortune and misery” what was happening outside.

In the book, Bosé recounts the weight of having famous parents, how he sought to shed his shadow and seek his own identity and place in art.

In the talk, he revealed a long trip he made from France to London to see the American singer Jim Morrisson, leader of the group The Doors, his favorite band as a teenager and in which he had to wait all day to see his idol .

The interpreter of “Nena” and “Lover bandit” revealed that there will be a second part of his autobiography in a series that will show not only his childhood but the stage in which he became a renowned singer.

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