Music diva Mariah Carey has set out to spread a bit of her extra holiday spirit through the Snapchat platform. To participate in this contest, users of the platform must record a video covering his famous Christmas carol “All I Want For Christmas”. The winner will win $ 50,000 dollars, but there is also a second prize of $ 30,000 and a third of $ 20,000

Christmas is Mariah Carey’s favorite time of year , and not just because every December she earns a small fortune again with her song ‘All I Want For Christmas’. The music diva has proposed to spread a little of the festive spirit that she has left over through the Snapchat platform, creating a new challenge or ‘challenge’ called Spotlight.

To participate in this contest, platform users must record a video covering their famous Christmas carol and reveal what they most want to receive as a gift this Christmas period. The winner will win $ 50,000, but there is also a second prize of $ 30,000 and a third prize of $ 20,000.

The company Snap Inc. introduced Spotlight Challenges in October as a new way to reward content creators, and although it is currently only available in the United States , there are plans to introduce this feature in other markets. Without a doubt, Mariah’s claim will help increase her popularity in the face of this expansion.Mariah Carey sets a new record

Every year it is less surprising that Mariah Carey’s quintessential Christmas theme, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, is reproduced ad nauseam on television commercials, the piped music of department stores, in the homes of the most festive and even live thanks to those special galas that, at least until the arrival of the pandemic, forced the singer to leave home.

However, after so many years – the song was released in 1994 and gained even more popularity thanks to the movie ‘Love Actually’ – this single continues to deliver surprises, in this case on the US charts. And is that ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ has returned to number one on the Billboard charts , a position that it has already reached up to three times in its long history.

Unsurprisingly, Mariah reacted enthusiastically to the news and quickly left a voice memo for all of her Twitter followers. She wanted to thank them in a special way for the continued support they have given him since the nineties, both in the good and in the bad times that his hazardous career has given him.

Likewise, a video is already circulating on social networks in which her children Monroe and Moroccan appear, as well as her partner Bryan Tanaka, waking up the interpreter to celebrate such a milestone with her. Curiously, the three number 1s harvested by ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ have been produced consecutively -2019, 2020 and 2021-, since in its first year on the charts the song only reached number 12. Its The first entry in the ‘top ten’ was not so long ago, in 2017.

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