María Jesús Ruíz, pregnant?

María Jesús Ruíz, pregnant?

For a few days, there were certain rumors about whether Maria Jesus Ruiz pregnant or not. According to ‘Socialite’, the model is expecting her first child Curro, her current partner. The Telecinco program would have heard the news from a woman who shares a waiting room with the one from Jaén: “It’s two months”. Even though the model She has not wanted to give many statements to the space, the truth is that she has appreciated the congratulations for her pregnancy but, later, she has insisted that “she could not confirm the news”.

She herself has also wanted to deny the news from her social networks. She did it that way through this message: “I clarify here that I am not pregnant. If it were, it would be wonderful and I’m sure it would be with Curro and that you would already know without stories… There is no baby at the moment.” But the unknowns remain unrevealed and the attitude of the model In the phone call she has had with ‘Socialité’, she lets it be understood that she is pregnant but that perhaps she could not confirm anything so as not to spoil a future exclusive.

Even so, the Telecinco program is very sure of its exclusive and from space they have insisted that a close friend of Maria Jesus Ruiz He had also confirmed the news. The model has repeatedly expressed her desire to be a mother again, this time with his current partner, Curro. She has not ruled out being one at any time, and she said so herself: “but who knows, maybe this year we’ll let you know”.

María Jesús Ruíz and Curro have been dating for a couple of years. The relationship began between controversies and from the first moment the shadow of the suspicion of her boyfriend’s infidelity has always haunted him. The model, when her romance came to light, she found out practically directly about the alleged cheating that Curro had put on her. Even so, the one from Jaén followed her relationship with Curro to this day, and it seems that they are going to start a family. María Jesús Ruíz has two daughters, the eldest with Gil Salgado and the youngest with Julio Ruz. and both relationships have always been involved in controversy and conflict.

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