Maluma reveals a preview of his new single “Nos Comemos Vivos”

Maluma reveals a preview of his new single “Nos Comemos Vivos”

The middle of the year is approaching and with it the most “on” hits of the reggaetoneros of the moment, such as Maluma with his new song in collaboration with great artists. The news was announced on June 1, 2022 through her social networks with a more than fun dynamic with her followers.

5 days ago the Colombian posted a clip on the entertainment platform TikTok dancing to the rhythm of new verses in collaboration with the artist ChenchoDuring the 30 seconds that the video lasted, he was seen enjoying himself on the edge of a pool. This content was also shared on her Instagram account with a very promising description.

Maluma He wrote that he had prepared some strong news for his fans, for which they were surely not ready. To add flavor to the moment, he decided to propose a small game where his more than 62.4 million followers should reach in a few hours the number of 200,000 comments on his publication to give a preview of the news.

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As expected, the singer of ‘Felices los 4’ received a great response from his fans, who reached the number of comments requested in less than 24 hours. Reacting to this event, the artist was giving thanks in his Instagram stories full of happiness.

Five more days had to pass before his followers could find out what the “bomb” was about. Maluma he had prepared, as he himself called this revelation on various occasions.

I don’t think they’re ready for this bombshell. 200,000 comments and we released it !!!”, it read.

Maluma reveals a preview of his new single "Nos Comemos Vivos"
Maluma reveals a preview of his new single “Nos Comemos Vivos”

Until a few hours ago, he posted another post on his Instagram profile announcing that he will be premiering a new song very shortly, in the case of his second collaboration with the singer Chencho. The song is expected to be the new hit this summer, a theme that will be played at all the parties of the year.

Both in their stories and in the post, Maluma He was revealing a few seconds of the song where a bit of his study partner’s voice and the beginning of the verse are heard. She also mentioned the final name of the song: ‘we eat alive’, which will touch on issues related to heartbreak.

With great euphoria, the man born in Medellín danced this little “taste” and assured that all his audience will enjoy his projects at the door. He also took advantage of the space to thank for the support shown in the previous days, he also reflected on the love that surrounds him and how he wants to repay it.

‘WE EAT ALIVE, @chenchocorleone!!! Thanks for the 200k comments, I’ll tell you the date soon, for now listen to this HP verse, “Maluma wrote in her last post.

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