The eldest daughter of the queen of pop, Lourdes León, has just made the leap to the music industry after several years flirting with fashion, dance and other performing arts. This Wednesday night, Madonna’s daughter and her former personal trainer in the 1990s, Carlos León, released her first single on streaming platforms: ‘Lock and Key’, a song that she signs under her pseudonym Lolahol.

The song is clearly designed to set the dance floor on fire and, in that sense, there are some similarities with the remixed versions of some of the most iconic songs of its progenitor. However, the vocal melody, certain rhymes and the powerful bases of the song are more reminiscent of Lady Gaga than blonde ambition: a rather striking detail considering the long-standing rivalry between the two artists.

Madonna and Lady Gaga get along much better now than ten years ago, when the former subtly but forcefully criticized, using adjectives such as ‘reductive’, that her young partner had been too inspired by her hit ‘Express Yourself’ to shape her single ‘Born This Way’. Those quarrels are already buried in the past, or so they both staged when they appeared embracing at the party organized by Madonna to entertain the winners of the 2019 edition of the Oscars, including Gaga.

So much so, that Madonna has been quick to promote Lola’s brand new single, as she is known among her closest family and friends, on her own Instagram account. Without going into her musical style, the diva has made clear her pride in the new creative expression of her eldest daughter, who attended the prestigious LaGuardia High academy, which inspired the famous series ‘Fama’, in order to receive comprehensive training of the highest quality.

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