Lyn May

Lyn May Reveals Her Baby’s Gender With Ultrasound Post

Lyn May She announced that she is pregnant at the beginning of August, as a result of her romantic relationship with the singer ‘Markos D1’, 30 years younger than the Mexican star.

The Mexican film actress took to her Instagram account to announce that she is in sweet waiting and recently shared an ultrasound to reveal the sex of her baby.

“It’s a boy (it’s a boy)”wrote the Mexican celebrity as a description of her Instagram history.

Lyn May will have a boy. (Photo: @lyn_may_).
Lyn May will have a boy. (Photo: @lyn_may_).

Currently, Lyn May is part of “I want to sing”, sequence of the program “Venga la Alegría” of the Azteca UNO channel.

Lyn’s partner is’ Markos D1 ′ and he became known in the entertainment industry for songs like “Borracho” and “La toxica”.

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