Lucero reveals that she infected her daughter Lucerito with COVID-19 |  VIDEO

Lucero reveals that she infected her daughter Lucerito with COVID-19 | VIDEO

Singer Lucero revealed a few days ago that she caught coronavirus (COVID-19) and isolated herself at home. However, she pointed out that she felt bad because she infected her youngest daughter, Lucerito Mijares.

Through a long video, the Mexican told how she found out that she was infected and the precautions she took. “The day I discover through a PCR test that I am positive, I immediately feel very afraid, fear. I have taken all precautions, I used the mask at all times. I have tried to be sensible”, she commented.

Regarding the symptoms, the actress said she was fine. “I did not feel breathing problems, I had no problems with oxygenation, I did have certain symptoms and discomforts, but nothing serious.” She added.

However, what worried her was her daughter, whom she infected. “I was very sad that I infected my daughter, my Lucero. Yes, I did catch her, but she reacted very well in all aspects and I mean her health was very good.” The singer commented in a video she shared on her social networks.

She also asked his followers to take care of themselves to avoid contagion. “Victory cannot be claimed yet, the virus can be very dangerous, we must take care of ourselves and the people we love”, she concluded.

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