Leonardo Dicaprio revealed – in Entertainment Weekly’s Around the Table interview cycle – a heroic anecdote that he starred in. And it is that he had to jump into a frozen lake to save his two rescue dogs of the Siberian husky breed.

The story was told by the actor when he participated in the aforementioned program with the cast of “Don’t Look Up” (“Do not look up”), the new film he stars for Netflix, when they started talking about their pets, whom he brought to the set.

Adam McKay, director of the film, did not hesitate to call “Tornadoes” to the dogs and assured that Jonah Hill -comedian who also acts in the film- sent him photos of his destroyed sofa. The latter stated that dogs “thrive on chaos”.

Given this, the protagonist of “Titanic” said that he decided to take the animals to the filming, which took place in the city of Boston, in the United States, but never imagined what would happen. “Basically, the two of them fell into a frozen lake,” he said.

“I did not understand what to do on a frozen lake.” He added, to which Jennifer Lawrence, another of her colleagues, explained the story a little better. “One of the dogs fell into the frozen lake, he (DiCaprio) jumped to save him and as soon as he got him out of the pond, the other one jumped”, said the actress.

DiCaprio continued recounting how the events were: “The other dog started licking the drowning one, and suddenly we were all in the frozen lake together.” Lawrence finished with the share of humor: “And I’m sure everyone is wondering this. As soon as he got out of the lake, DiCaprio got naked in the car”.

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