Recently, the famous singer and actress Lady Gaga has announced the launch of her line of cosmetics that is committed to the environment, as it is vegan and free of animal cruelty.

Everything seems to indicate that House Labs Lady Gaga is now available in Sephora stores, along with seven new products.

The latest release includes picks vegans and cruelty-free that have been listed as clean for the environment by the mass retailer of beauty products.

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It should be noted that the music icon’s line of cosmetics was initially launched in 2019 with six collections that, at the time, were available exclusively on Amazon.

Now, however, singer Lady Gaga’s brand has blossomed to include 90 products in seven categories that include everything.

From vibrant lip colors to high-pigment cheek paints and soft gel eyeliner pencils.

Lady Gaga bold new makeup

Two years ago, we set out to create bold new makeup that was overloaded with the world’s most innovative skincare ingredients,” Lady Gaga wrote in an Instagram post.

I’m proud that @hauslabs is launching a new makeup line that we believe represents the future of clean art. I hope we change your perception of what clean makeup can be and that you love our products as much as I do.”

It’s important to mention that Haus Labs’ latest line of products will only be sold on the brand’s website,, and in 25 select stores in the US.

As we mentioned before, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga is committed to the clean beauty philosophy to produce its line of cosmetics.

Which is formulated with ingredients that respect the skin and animals, based on an innovative technology with which they managed to erase more than 2,700 “questionable” ingredients from their production line.

In addition, the photographs that the firm has shared on Instagram reveal highly pigmented eye shadows, eyeliners and lipsticks.

It is a proposal full of vivid and bright colors, to stand out with any outfit, it could not be otherwise coming from the singer of “Hold My Hand”.

So if you want the collection of the also businesswoman, you better hurry, because it will surely end immediately.

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