There are several talents that have reached the knockouts of “The Argentine Voice”(Telefe). Among them Francisco Benítez, who has enchanted the coaches with his vocal talent and his peculiar history.

Benítez has become one of the show’s favorites. He was born in Colonia Tirolesa, near Córdova, and upon his arrival revealed that singing was his salvation and that he suffers from stuttering since he was 6 years old.

After passing the first stages of the reality show, he had a knockout in front of Josefina Arenas. He chose the song “Once Mil” by Abel Pintos, leaving everyone with their mouths open.

“I’ve been singing since I was 10 years old and it’s like my escape from what I have when it comes to speaking. I do it because I like it and because I want to convey something to people. I can’t say if I’m doing it right or not. “He pointed out after finishing his show.

While all the coaches were excited by his presentation, Lali Esposito made it clear what he thinks of his voice, even though he is not on his team. “You are my favorite singer. That’s it”, sentenced.

For his part, the coach Ricardo Montaner He also made it clear how much he likes her. “The light you radiate goes beyond what we imagine, hear and see”, he pointed.

Finally, La Sole, coach of Benítez, She chose him over Arenas and said she felt “blessed” because she is on her team. “Francisco has something and not even he is aware of what it generates”, he concluded.

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