Kylie Jenner: fan arrested outside her home after violating court order

Kylie Jenner: fan arrested outside her home after violating court order

Jrue Mesgan had previously denounced for harassment, tried to enter Kylie Jenner’s home located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

According to the TMZ portal, Jrue Mesgan, 23, was arrested in front of the millionaire’s house after violating a restraining order that was granted to Kim Kardashian’s sister.

The media points out that the subject approached the businesswoman’s house and rang the bell. One of the model’s security guards recognized him and called the police, thus achieving his arrest.

It was learned that Mesgan was arrested for a misdemeanor violation of a court order. He is currently in custody and must pay a bond of US $ 20,000 to face the process in freedom.

This is not the first time Kylie Jenner is the victim of harassment by one of his followers. Jrue Mesgan has tried several to get close to the model, for which he received a restraining order against him.

Earlier this month, another man was arrested after visiting a neighbor’s house, believing it to be the influencer’s mansion. Subject had a bouquet of flowers and a ring ring because he planned to propose to her.

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