The skin is the largest organ of our body, for this reason it is very important to pay the same attention to it as to other systems and organs. It could be said that the actress Gal Gadot is an expert on the subject, because together with her specialists, she maintains wonderful skin that enchants her for her healthy appearance.

Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, the Israeli celebrity is sought after by major luxury brands to become the face of their campaigns thanks to this mature, jovial and sincere charm that has become her personal brand. In most of the photo sessions she shows herself from the organic.

In addition, the magnificent work of Gal Gadot bringing the character to life Wonder Woman came to make special emphasis on its most empowered facet, opening a space to empower women in the cinema, especially in an industry mostly dominated by men such as superheroes.

Strength, frankness, dynamism and joy, together these four characteristics are the pillars of the public image of the Hollywood star, winning the hearts of millions. Now, her special beauty is one of the qualities that most attracts the public’s attention, leading them to wonder about her secrets.

That is why on this occasion we present three important aspects to enjoy skin as radiant as Gal Gadot’s even after having passed the age of 30.

1. Hygiene and beauty.

The basis for having a beautiful foot is adequate hygiene, because with a correct cleaning routine we can eliminate most of the contaminating agents from our pores, controlling the appearance of blackheads and acne. This can be done with bar soaps or cleansing gels suitable for your skin type.

But cleaning is not everything, it is also necessary that the face, as well as the rest of your body, remain protected from the damage of sunlight, for this reason it is essential that you use sunscreen and moisturizing creams at all times. Like any other organ, the skin has specialists in its care, so there will be nothing better than going to a dermatologist.

2. Food and exercise.

Food is a very important point for the skin that many do not take into account and that is that what we eat influences how we look. The intake of adequate portions of food, a balanced diet that is not restrictive or that abuses the excesses of processed foods is ideal for any age.

In addition, physical activity is the opportunity for the body to circulate the blood better and release toxins through sweat. However, including special massages for the face can delay the appearance of wrinkles due to age. In addition to this lifestyle, it will also have positive effects on the rest of the body and on our self-esteem.

3. Sleep health.

Tiredness is essential for the skin to recover from the day’s activities, it is when the nutrient absorption processes take place and the cells are allowed to regenerate. Factors such as stress cause the skin, as well as other organs, to stop working optimally when entering a state of alert.

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