Kim Kardashian on her ex:

Kim Kardashian on her ex: “Kanye will always be the most inspiring person for me”

After her mediatic divorce and her newly released 41 years, the businesswoman boasts that she is living one of her best personal moments

They were both enjoying one of their best professional moments when they got married in 2014. Kim Kardashian triumphed on television with “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and Kanye West was crowned as one of the most popular celebrities on social networks, as well as one of the best rappers on the planet.

But after months of rumors and four children in common, finally in January we learned that love was over for the couple and they decided to go their separate ways.

Now that the media focus allows them to breathe as far as the sentimental issue is concerned and after living their first summer apart, it is Kim who dares to step forward and speak naturally about the relationship she maintains with her ex-partner.

The businesswoman, who has just turned 41, sums up living one of your best personal and professional moments, and he does it openly for WSJ magazine.

The American publication dedicates a whole report to the most mediatic Kardashian’s Skims shaping underwear empire, who has just joined the Fendi firm with which she will create a limited edition capsule collection, her first luxury collaboration.

And it is that Kim’s company is already valued at more than a billion dollars.

Former partner and business partner

But in addition to showing off her millionaire business, the businesswoman wanted to dedicate a few nice words to her partner and father of her children; And it is that, as she assures in said interview, she continues to maintain a close relationship with Kanye West as both are also business partners:

“He himself has a part of Skims and gives (the team) inspiration but also information. I think he enjoys the process.”

Kanye will always be the most inspiring person for me“, she says. Some nice words that come after the applauded monologue that she starred in the program ‘Saturday Night Live’ talking about her ex-partner:

“I have been very lucky in this life and I am grateful for everything. Even for the ups and downs. I married the greatest rapper of all time. Not only that, he is the richest black man in America. A talented and legitimate genius who has given me four amazing children. So, if I have divorced him, it seems clear that it was for one reason only: his personality”.

And it is that after knowing the true reason for their breakup -the infidelities recognized by the rapper– it seems that both maintain a cordial relationship and it is not even strange to see them enjoy a friendly evening together.

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