Khloé Kardashian explodes after being accused of splitting Kylie Jenner from Jordyn Woods

Khloé Kardashian explodes after being accused of splitting Kylie Jenner from Jordyn Woods

It has been two years since one of the biggest controversies of the Kardashian Clan broke out when Tristan Thompson again cheated on Khloé Kardashian with the then best friend of his sister Kylie Jenner , Jordyn Woods . A scandal that not only ended the relationship between Khloé and her daughter’s father, but also the breakdown of the friendship between Kylie and Jordyn.

This issue seems to be going to haunt Khloé until the end of time because from time to time there is someone who reminds her of this fatal moment that happened in 2019. Especially now that she has given her relationship with the player a chance again. NBA.

However, True’s mother is not one of those ‘celebrities’ who remain silent in the face of criticism or derogatory comments and when they brought up the subject again this Thursday on social networks, she decided to respond with a strong message. 

One user asked, “So … can Kylie be friends with Jordan again?” A question that greatly annoyed Khloé, who decided to make things very clear to the user in question and, incidentally, to the world.

“I’m so tired of this speech that claims that I dictate what my sister can do with her life … I’ve never, ever told Kylie who she can be friends with and who she can’t. She’s an adult, she can do whatever she wants. She wins it. I support her in everything she wants to do, I love my sister unconditionally! This means that no matter who she chooses as a friend, I will always love and value my sister unconditionally, “he began. 

“She is my life partner and I will always respect her decisions. By the way, I am not at odds WITH ANYONE. Really, my heart is not filled with hatred. Unless you really know what you are talking about, which is not the case as well. I ask you with all due respect to shut your mouth, “he concluded.

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