The singer Katy Perry has not been slow to apologize to Kim Kardashian following a video in which she seems to make fun of the television star’s current boyfriend, Pete Davidson, in the middle of a popular online game that, everything is said, the pop star He wasn’t exactly taking himself seriously.

Of course, the angry reactions carried out by certain Internet users, eager to find reasons for the offense and, incidentally, generate some controversy between the two women, have forced the interpreter to rectify with a brief phrase, pronounced apparently in a jocular tone: ” Do not take it as an offense, Kim. And Orlando? “He has directed to take iron from the matter.

The origin of this summer controversy was Katy’s decision to participate in the popular online game MASH, in which the program randomly assigns a house, a car, a number of children and a partner. The first two selections were to the liking of the artist, according to her face. But her face changed slightly when it was predicted that she would have six children, while she ended up forming a comically disgusted expression when the aforementioned Pete appeared as her Prince Charming.

Regardless of the interpretations that are wanted to be made about it, the truth is that Katy Perry maintains a solid relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she could spend this year at the altar, and this could be the only reason behind this fun show. in amazement The two lovers are parents of little Daisy Dove and, according to sources close to her, they would like to give her girl a little brother or sister.

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