Kate Winslet is in the town of Kupari in Croatia, as part of the filming of her new movie. And in that context, she suffered a major slip that affected one of her legs. Filming was immediately stopped, and the actress was rushed to the Dubrovnik hospital on the spot. Winslet arrived at the sanatorium in a black van, accompanied by several members of the production.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet’s agenda has no respite. The prestigious actress of Mare of Easttown has numerous projects ahead of her, which take her to travel the world. And while each shoot of hers presents her with new challenges, there are also some undesirable setbacks, like the one she suffered during the last few hours.

According to her reports, specialist doctors reviewed the protagonist of Titanic, and determined that the incident left no sequels of any kind. For this reason, it was not necessary to intervene or hospitalize her, and they sent her back to the place where she is living there in Croatia. A representative of the film crew reported in this regard, “Kate herself slipped and she was taken to a hospital as a preventive measure requested by the production. She is doing well and will resume work as planned this week.”

The feature film that brought Kate Winslet to Croatia is called Lee. It is a biopic focused on the photographer Lee Miller, and her numerous works, including covering the Second World War for Vogue magazine. Winslet plays the protagonist of the story, and with her the cast is completed by Jude Law, Marion Cottilard, Josh O’Connor and Andrea Riseborough. Regarding this project, Winslet once stated: “Lee is a woman that I admire tremendously, and whom I am truly excited to play. She was a great lover, thinker, cook, Vogue cover girl, war correspondent, icon and mother.”

Before the end of the year, Winslet will return to the big screen for one of the most anticipated titles of 2022, Avatar: the sense of water. In that feature film, she will play Ronal, a leader of the oceanic tribe of the Metkayina, whom she defined as “a warrior”. For that project, she was aware that she had to acquire the ability to stay underwater for a long time. So she did not hesitate to train for it and she managed to break a record among the cast: 7 minutes and 14 seconds inside a tank of about 3400 liters of water. In addition, she also beat actor Tom Cruise’s time in preparation for the filming of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, where she held her breath for six minutes underwater. “She was brilliant and I felt very proud of myself,” said the actress in dialogue with the British magazine Empire. “The most amazing thing for me, as a middle-aged woman, was learning something not only new, but superhuman,” she added.

As she recounted it, it is an experience that Winslet does not think she can get again: “It’s wonderful. Your mind completely vanishes. You can’t think of anything, you can’t make lists in your head. You just look at the bubbles below you. My first words when I resurfaced were: ‘Am I dead?’ And yes, I thought he had died, ”she confided.

As for the character she plays, she detailed: “Ronal is deeply loyal and a fearless leader. Even in the face of grave danger and with a newborn baby, she joins her people and fights for what she loves most: her family and her home.”

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