In a black lace thong and without a bra, Karol G shows off her gorgeous body from a swimming pool

Karol G raised the temperature on social networks by sharing a series of scantily clad photos from the jacuzzi of a swimming pool in a sunny sunset. We show you the photos of the ‘Bichota’.

Singer Karol G has become one of the most recognized female artists globally and on Saturday, May 28, she set social networks on fire by uploading a series of photos from a swimming pool with a particular “swimsuit”.

The ‘Bichota’ appeared on Instagram sporting on top a white cotton flannel top with a knot making it a crop top and underneath without a bra, while, at the bottom, she had a black lace thong.

The photos she uploaded in a gallery were taken from the jacuzzi of a swimming pool in a sunny sunset, and as she has done before, she wore in her hair some flowers, this time fuchsia, matching her pink hair.

“For you this little flower, and for me, this sunset,” wrote the Colombian at the bottom of the photos she shared, which already have more than three million nine hundred thousand ‘likes’.

Carolina Giraldo, Karol G’s real name, is not a fan of retouching photos and in the last ones she published showing off her body from a swimming pool she makes it clear. In the images you can see that she has some stretch marks on her thighs, something very normal in women due to the skin stretching that can occur for various reasons.

The interpreter of ‘Dañamos la Amistad’ has received more than 26 thousand comments from her fans on the publication she made on Instagram on Saturday.

“A little mermaid… I love you my sister”; “Beautiful. Te amo, mamacita”; “Lo más bonito es el ‘like’ de Feid”; “Hermosa, mi Caro”; “Yo aquí esperando el ‘Like’ de Anuel. I love you Karol G”; “Ay Carolina, you can’t be more beautiful, by Godsssssssss” and “There should be an award for the woman LOVE because she literally is that LOVE. And very few artists have the patience, charisma and humility that she radiates with her public…”, can be read in the reactions of the fans.

Karol G released her album ‘Mañana Será Bonito’ three months ago, a very personal work as each song describes the process she went through during the last two years of her life; from the end of her relationship with Anuel AA, her single stage, to a mysterious new love, with whom she “damaged a friendship” and who is rumored to be Feid, also known as Ferxxo.

The most recent album of the ‘Bichota’ is one of the most listened to on digital platforms currently.

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