Anuel AA’s Bold Pursuit: Shouting Love and Seeking Redemption with Karol G

Anuel AA is ready to win Karol G back, so he has not hesitated to shout the love he feels for her to the four winds.

They say that true love is never forgotten, something that Anuel AA knows very well, who is determined to get Karol G back at any cost. To express what he truly feels for his ex, the rapper did not hesitate to dedicate the song “Mejor que yo” to her, which instead of awakening feelings of nostalgia for what they once lived together, generated the rejection of the people.

Not only that, he also launched all kinds of adjectives against Feid, the alleged new partner of the Colombian. But that does not end here, since he wants everyone to know that he wants to have in his arms again the ‘Bichota’, for that he did not hesitate to kiss in concert a pillow with the face of the interpreter of “TQG” and even publish in his networks a clip “sleeping” next to his beloved, whose image appears printed on a T-shirt at his side.

It seems that his attempts to get the attention of Carolina Giraldo, the real name of the “Tusa” singer, paid off, because she did not hesitate to answer him. What did he say? Find out in the following paragraphs.

Karol G

Karol G

Karol G’s Powerful Response to Anuel AA: Moving On and Finding Strength

“You only value what you lose”, precisely this phrase becomes relevant in the life of the rapper, who seeks to be again the boyfriend of the Colombian, who did not hesitate to answer him everything he does “on behalf of her”.

Karol G’s Powerful Response:

  • Directly addressed Anuel AA through a series of videos on her Instagram stories
  • Uploaded the videos during her participation in the Tiny Desk Concert on NPR Music’s YouTube channel
  • Showcased her talent by performing multiple songs from her latest album

With the song “Gucci los paños”, the Colombian would have launched a forceful response to her ex; although, she does not point out that it is directly for him, everything would indicate that this would be the addressee.

“You left and I already forgot you/ That’s what kills you today/ And just as I loved you yesterday/ Today you are no longer a pleasant person (…). And that of begging, you do it with anyone/ But I’m not just anyone”, she is heard singing.

With this, Karol G makes it clear that she no longer wants to know anything about Anuel AA, she even decided to erase all traces of her ex on her social networks to forget that he was once in her life.

For their part, there are those who claim that the alleged interest and search for reconciliation by the Puerto Rican would only be a strategy and that he would try to take advantage of the fame of the ‘Bichota’, who turned a deaf ear to all the noise made by the rapper.

Karol G: Inspiring Millions with Healing Energy and Unforgettable Music

After her presentation, her millions of followers backed her and hope that she will move forward, away from people who hurt her at some point in her life.

“The energy of this woman heals wounds that she never caused”, “Karol G’s songs heal your soul”, “That’s my Karol, focus on the good and forget the louts”, “This woman inspires me so much, thank you Karol for your music”, are some of the comments.

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