Life is full of cycles, each one leaves us new learning. Karol G is in a transition stage and has decided to share his process of change with his fans through social networks, as they are a fundamental part of his life and influence all the decisions she makes as an artist.

As is well known, the singer has a special relationship between her life cycles and the color of her hair, since her looks serve to distinguish one stage from another. Therefore, the latest news that she was giving the celebrity to her fans all over the world was a milestone within the fan community on the internet.

As stated a few hours ago through his verified Instagram account, Karol G would be saying goodbye to her blue hair as a symbol of change and growth, welcoming a new era with a different style. Accompanied by a last photograph of her wearing the distinctive blue color, the following message could be read:

“This was one of my last photos with blue hair… I want to thank everyone who loved this era, all of you who lived through it with me and everything I grew up with and learned from it. I’m definitely ready for anything is coming. Next Level unlocked!!! And no, I no longer have blue hair but I know that we are going to love everything that comes together!!! I love them wellsssssss”, were his words.

On the afternoon of August 1 Karol G Finally she cleared everyone’s doubts, revealing through a video posted on his Instagram feed what color will represent this “new level”. To the shock of millions, the talented artist wears a vibrant cherry color, a shade that ranges from pink to red.

Karol G declared that from this first clip with red hair a different chapter opens, which has a series of surprises prepared for her that she is ready to receive. Just as in the time that she wore the blue look, she will also be fulfilling her goals and reaching places never before thought of.

Carolina Giraldo Navarro real name of Karol G, confessed that she has already been carrying the brand new tone for two weeks and that she had been fighting with herself not to reveal it to her fans ahead of time. She was also updating her profile picture with an icon of the famous Disney character, Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’.

2 weeks in love with seeing myself like this in the mirror and without being able to show them… So that when they see me on the street they tell me: EaAaaa Maria BebEee HOW DOES THAT RED HAIR LOOK ON HER CHIMBA, “you can read.

Although fans of Karol G they feel nostalgic for everything they experienced with the previous color, they have assimilating the change of page since their presentation at the music festival Tomorrowland.

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