Karol G pulls the thong of her bikini and says: “Curves are always in fashion”

Karol G pulls the thong of her bikini and says: “Curves are always in fashion”

The Colombian women Karol G gave her fans heart attacks when, after appearing in Denver with her $trip Love Tour took a day off to enjoy a drink wearing a strawberry bikini while pulling on her thong hilo dental. But what really caught the attention, as usual, was the powerful message behind such a display of sensuality.

“…and who said I was skinny? THICK MAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII… Curves always in fashion.. Little kisses !!!!!”, was the message she left Karol G for her 57 million followers on Instagram. La Bichota made it clear that her thongs, her exhibitions and her “perreo” shows are hers because they empower her and the not very few fans she has around the world. It must be said, the interpreter of “Provenza” and “El Makinon” gave another meaning to the ardent exhibitions of femininity.

In the last two years, Karol G has strengthened her message of female empowerment through beauty. Until very recently, the entertainment industry had us used to the idea that if you showed too much, you weren’t smart enough anymore. Or if you showed intelligence, you were already discarded from the “Mamis”. This new generation not only includes the singers of urban genre, but to the female artist in general. Same ones that have changed the discourse and many who have identified with it.

Karol G’s message of empowerment

Karol G is a worthy representative of this “new feminism” where the woman is “Bichota”“Motomami”, “Nena Trampa” and “La Más Dura”, but they have also joined that message that the female pioneer of reggaeton began many years ago, Ivy Queen.

Now the majority are women who are not afraid to show themselves in minimal outfits and tell the world that it is because they feel beautiful just the way they are and without thinking what society thinks. Nor do they do it motivated by male acceptance. Although there are many men who have been open and faithful lovers of this female empowerment.

The latest themes of Karol G They have been talking about this. “Provence” teaches you to come and go and above all to be free to take the initiative without the man proposing it. “MAMIII”, a success that she created together with Becky G invites you to get out of relationships that, no matter how much love you feel, are toxic and unviable.

Finally, “Gatúbela” which is how Bichota herself has said that she feels right now: free and very sure of herself to the point that she decides how and with whom. Not to mention the implicit sexuality not only in the video clip but in the $trip Love Tour 2022 with which she is touring the most important cities in the United States.

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