The singer and Colombian composer, Karol G, suffered a heavy fall in full concert in Miami this Friday night.

The fall that Karol G suffered at a concert in Miami went viral on social networks. Now the artist has decided to show the bruises left by this incident.

In her Instagram stories, the Colombian singer appeared in the dressing room hours before her presentation at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico on November 27.

While she was getting ready for her performance, a member of her team recorded it for the public to see the injuries that the artist suffered.

In the audiovisual it was seen how Karol G has bruises on various parts of her body. This was the result of the fall he suffered at the FTX Arena, which was previously known as the American Airlines Arena.

The artist’s knee was the most affected by the event, according to the singer.

Karol G joked about her fall in Miami

The interpreter of the ‘Makinón’ has taken what happened in Miami with a lot of humor, to the point that she published a story on her Instagram account going down some stairs of the plane after landing in Puerto Rico.

How Karol G was the fall?

It all happened when the interpreter of ‘Bichota’ went down some stairs that they installed on the stage and one of her shoes got stuck on one of the steps. This caused the artist to lose her balance and roll down several steps.

The public that saw her in Miami was silent for a few seconds, waiting for the artist’s reaction. Shortly after what happened, he got up and told her audience through tears: “All my nails broke, I think my knee broke, everything hurts.”



In this sense he added: ” But nothing, you think that after having filled this arena for the first time … Please forget what happened, I wanted it to be perfect .”

What happened also generated criticism of the singer, because in the midst of the fall, the music and her voice continued to sound in the show, so many were disappointed that she does not sing live at her concerts.

“He does not sing anything for real and the steps that are lyrics of songs a degradation of everything,” said one of her fans.

Another commented on social networks: “The strangest thing is that while I was rolling down the stairs I kept singing. From another world the Karol G ”.

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