With each step through the world stages, the Colombian artist, Karol G, continues to position herself as one of the most successful urban music singers in recent years and with collaborations with great musicians, however, the woman from Antioquia confessed that she has not had luck to fulfill her desire to have a song with Shakira.

Karol G and Shakira

According to the YouTube channel ‘MoluzcoTV’, and thanks to an interview that went viral on social networks, Karol spoke about what really happened with the artist from Barranquilla: “I’m not saying that I’m at her level, but Daddy Yankee taught us that the biggest artists also give new artists the opportunity because it’s what’s coming, so I wasn’t scared to knock on the door…”

Unfortunately, the collaboration could not happen at the time. However, the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ clarified that it was not a rejection of Shakira, what actually happened is that she did not manage to speak with her directly, but rather showed the song to “the closest” of her team, who were the that they did not accept the musical proposal.

“If tomorrow I have another song that I feel is to be done with her in my heart, I will knock on the door again, ” commented the reggaeton artist, adding that she was not upset, nor did she have negative feelings against Shakira.

“It has been more what they have put together and what they have created than what I told”, expressed the Colombian about how different media outlets have approached the issue.

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