Jennifer Lopez advanced the trend and Pull&Bear brings it to Spain at a minimum price in mini size

Jennifer Lopez advanced the trend and Pull&Bear brings it to Spain at a minimum price in mini size

The denim skirt that Jennifer Lopez likes and that will never go out of style.

Jennifer Lopez showed how to wear a skirt that does not go out of style. It is the perfect denim skirt, another of the quintessential basics that returns to our wardrobes every halftime. It’s a versatile design with two style attributes that are highly valued among women who know how to streamline their clothes for elegant looks without too much effort. 

On this occasion, this Pull&Bear skirt promises to be the trend for this new season. The ‘denim ‘ mini skirt with front buttons will allow you to achieve many combinations and outfits with it. Getting a perfect ‘look’ with this garment will be really easy, because you only need to add your favorite sneakers and a basic t-shirt to look spectacular. In fact, this garment is so versatile that you don’t need to wait for spring to wear it , because it looks good at any time.

Denim skirts can also be worn in the rest of winter , just wear it with a thick sweater or cardigan and high and medium boots. 

You can buy the ‘denim’ miniskirt for 17.99 euros . Wear it season after season. Undoubtedly the best purchase you will make at the Pull&Bear store. 

These garments are made with different denim fabrics (varying their shades) and are ideal for creating bohemian looks, like that of the diva from the Bronx. 

In the case of the singer, she has chosen to combine her skirt with a short top with puffed sleeves and a high neck that exposed a few centimeters of her abdomen. As for footwear, and to finish off the bohemian point, brown suede cowboy-style boots.

How to wear patchwork denim?

The history of fashion tells us that denim + denim is always a very successful option, and it could not be less when it comes to patchwork. However, the fashion math does not lie.

Denim + denim: right.

Denim patchwork + denim: success.

Denim patchwork + denim patchwork: error.

That’s right, when it comes to patchwork denim , it is best to coordinate it with denim garments (whatever they are), but that do not have the patchwork surname. The reason is quite clear: the plus is more works with fabrics of the same color, but not with fabrics of different shades.

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