The rapper has celebrated his 44th birthday with the model in a luxurious hotel in Provence

We have a new partner in Hollywood! Kanye West has remade his love life with Irina Shayk after his separation from Kim Kardashian at the end of 2020.

According to ‘Daily Mail’, the rapper turned 44 on Wednesday and to celebrate he traveled to Provence (France) with the model. The tabloid shows images in which both can be seen walking with several friends and assures that between the two there is something more than a friendship.

But despite the fact that the news has caught us by surprise, according to TMZ, Kanye West and Irina Shayk have been dating since March.

Although the rumors arose as a result of the funeral of the rapper DMX in New York, in which the model could be seen wearing a shirt that had not yet been released, designed by Balenciaga and Kanye’s brand, Yeezy, with the aim of donate the proceeds to the family of the deceased. A sign that raised suspicions among his followers.

At the moment, neither of them has confirmed such news and Irina would be the first woman with whom the rapper is related after his divorce from businesswoman Kim Kardashian.

Both met in the filming of the video clip for the song “Power” in which Shayk participated and West even dedicated a few verses to him in “Christian Dior Denim Flow”. Will they dare to make their love public?

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