Let’s remember that just five months ago, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed their fifth child, Eduardo; the couple previously experienced the loss of a baby, so many theories point out that Lucía can be adopted or may have been born through a surrogate mother.

Some internet users took the time to investigate the accounts that Hilaria follows on Instagram and thus came to the account of the company Alcea Surrogacy, which is dedicated to gestation through surrogate wombs and is located in New York.

The little time that there is difference between the birth of Eduardo and Lucía is the first thing that raised suspicious ideas about the arrival of the youngest of the Baldwins, especially, a few months after Hilaria pointed out in an interview with People that she had no interest to get pregnant again and become a mother again.

However, another great clue came a long time ago in an interview that Hilaria gave for the podcast Mom Brain, by Angela Richardson and where curiously she spoke at length about her opinion regarding ‘surrogate’ bellies and the way this is viewed by people.

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