Hailey Bieber remembers that viral video that accused her of being “rude”

Hailey Bieber remembers that viral video that accused her of being “rude”

The model spoke candidly about this awkward moment.

The model spoke candidly about this awkward moment.

Hailey Bieber took time to reflect after a video denouncing her alleged misconduct went viral on TikTok last summer.

Speaking to Dr. Jessica Clemons on her own YouTube channel, the model explained that she was upset when former waitress Julia Carolan accused Hailey of being rude while she waited on her at her workplace.

“This is going to be controversial,” Julia said in the video, which received more than 13 million views. “I’ve met her a handful of times and each time she wasn’t nice. I really want her to like her, but I have to give her like a 3.5 out of 10. Sorry!”

At the time, Hailey apologized in the video’s comment section, writing, “I just found this video and wanted to apologize if I’ve ever given you a bad vibe or bad attitude. That’s not my intention!” She also added that she hopes that one day they can see each other again so she can “apologize in person.” Julia, for her part, accepted the apology and called Justin Bieber’s wife “a queen of responsibility.”

Now, Hailey has opened up with Dr. Clemons about how the situation made her feel.

“When I saw your video, I was very angry,” he said. “There is never an excuse to be rude. I felt bad because that was her experience with me, but it frustrated me a bit because you never know what someone is going through. I remember going through times in my life when I was so sad, and so heartbroken that it was difficult for me to relate to people. “

She continued, “I wish I hadn’t acted that way with her. I’m a human being and I made a mistake and acted in a way that was out of place for me. I acted in a way that I don’t want to be. I’m trying to do better every day. day. I want to continue growing as a person. I am open to people correcting me. ”

The 24-year-old added, however, that she does not believe that “the people who try to correct me and try to tell me what to be and what to do, should be people on social media.”

Hailey also shared what it was like for Justin, whom she married in 2018 after an on-and-off romance, growing up under a constant microscope.

“I had it on a much smaller level, but even my husband had to go through everything in front of everyone and make a lot of mistakes in front of the whole world,” she explained. “There was nothing he could make that go unnoticed by the media. He always made me feel very sad for him, because so much of what was happening was what anyone his age would be doing, except it was on a very large scale. higher”.

She noted the “pressure” the Sorry singer had to be “this perfect example for people.”

“I always tell him, I’m so impressed with how normal you are because I don’t even know how it feels to go through it mentally, emotionally and physically and I know it had an effect, a great effect on him,” he said. “And I am grateful that he can be the mature and stable adult that he is now.”

Fortunately, Hailey and Justin have each other to navigate the complicated nature of being in the limelight.

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