Gina Carano, fired from the Mandalorian and Star Wars for her comments on Social Networks

Gina Carano, fired from the Mandalorian and Star Wars for her comments on Social Networks

The actress Gina Carano, known lately for her role on the series The Mandalorian from Star Wars for Disney+, has been fired from Lucasfilm for her recent and controversial comments on social networks. This has been communicated by the company itself, explaining that its opinions are “unacceptable” and that it will not work on the Star Wars franchise after its interpretation as Cara Dune in the first two seasons of the successful and celebrated The Mandalorian.

Left out of The Mandalorian and Star Wars

Thus, from Lucasfilm they have shared an official statement in which they report the dismissal of the actress: “Gina Carano is not currently an employee of Lucasfilm and there are no plans for it to be in the future. However, his publications on social networks denigrating people for their cultural and religious identity are abominable and unacceptable”, reads the statement by the company responsible for Star Wars.

All this after several publications on social networks by Carano, the last one being the most controversial, since he seemed to compare being a Republican in the United States today with being Jew during the Nazi Holocaust; Despite everything, the actress quickly deleted the publication, although many followers had already captured the post.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this post would have ended Lucasfilm’s patience (the hashtag #FireGinaCarano gained a lot of strength in networks) after other comments against wearing a mask during the current coronavirus pandemic or support for the recent assault on Capitol from the United States.

Recall that Carano had to be an important character in the expansion of the Star Wars series for Disney +, as in the next Rangers of the New Republic. At the moment it has not been confirmed if Lucasfilm will eliminate the character or hire a new actress for the role.

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