Gina Carano, Actress Who Plays Cara Dune in ‘the Mandalorian’ Was Fired From the Series and the Future of Star Wars

Gina Carano, Actress Who Plays Cara Dune in ‘the Mandalorian’ Was Fired From the Series and the Future of Star Wars

There is no doubt that ‘The Mandalorian’ has so far been one of the most important productions of Disney +, the company’s streaming service. According to a Gizmodo report , it appears that actress Gina Carano has lost her role in the series .

Gina Carano is a former mixed martial arts fighter who gradually built a career in acting, recognized mainly for her roles in ‘Fast & Furious 6’ and Deadpool. But for a few months now, the actress has been the focus of attention on social networks due to very controversial statements .

According to the Gizmodo report , a Lucafilm spokesperson stated: “Gina Carano does not work for Lucasfilm and there are no more plans for her in the future . ” This tells us that she will not be back for the third season of ‘The Mandalorian’ , in addition, it was speculated that she would be one of the protagonists of ‘Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic’, a series announced in the last Investor Day of Disney.

The news came after #FireGinaCarano reappeared on Twitter’s trending charts, * “Your social media posts that denigrate people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable,” said the spokesperson. by Lucasfilm.

Among the actress’s comments have been attitudes of transphobia and racism, in addition to questioning the use of a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic and has even shared theories about an alleged electoral fraud in the United States.

In news of another series, just a couple of hours ago it was reported that actress Bella Ramsey will be the one to bring Ellie to life in the HBO series adaptation of the video game ‘The Last of Us. Ramsey is best known for playing Lyanna Mormot on the critically acclaimed ‘Game of Thrones’ series.

During the writing of this note, it has also been announced that Pedro Pascal, who is the protagonist of ‘The Mandalorian’ with the character of Din Djarin, will be the one who will play Joel in the ‘The Last of Us’ series.



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