One more year! The happy couple formed by actress Gal Gadot and her husband The boy of Varsano They are partying because they completed 14 of marriage this Wednesday, September 28, and their fans have not let the happy occasion pass and have decided to make multiple publications to congratulate them and wish them many more years together.

Although the movie star has not published anything about it so far, surely because today he has dedicated himself completely to having a good time with his family, it is well known that the couple is one of the most stable in Hollywood, where happy marriages are not exactly abundant.

It was in the year 2008 when Gal Gadot was forever united with businessman Yaron Varsano after having a 3-year relationship with him. And it is that both met in a spiritual retreat in the middle of the desert, which became the ideal setting for love to arise between the two successful professionals.

Although at that time the Israeli celebrity was barely over twenty, while he was several years her senior, this difference was not an impediment for them to establish a very happy family that has resulted in three beautiful daughters who give his life joy and happiness. a lot of happiness.

This love is reflected in each of the publications that both make on their social networks, which despite not being much information about their offspring, it is noted that love abounds in their family, because both the actress and Yaron Varsano does not stop distilling love in all their photos together.

Two years ago, the businessman made a publication to remember his anniversary, in it he left a photo of his wedding where both appear a few years ago radiating happiness and youth, taking one of the most important steps of their lives and that until now has result pretty good.

12 years have passed since this day. Life is too short when you’re in love. Happy anniversary my love, forever my beating heart”, reads at the bottom of the photograph

Something that caught the attention of his followers was that he was giving unpublished photos of this event, which comes directly from his wedding album to the eyes of millions of fans of Gal Gadot. It was these photos that this year they were using to wish them many more years together.

“Happy 14th Anniversary to the most beautiful and charming couple that can exist, I am very happy to see how you both love each other more every day, I am very proud of everything you have formed together, your beautiful family and all the incredible things you have achieved A sweet message from a fan read in part.

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