Moving On and Healing: China Suárez’s Journey of Letting Go and Finding Closure

La China Suárez explained how she managed to fall out of love with Rusherking almost two months after the surprise separation

The actress opened her heart and gave closure to the subject to avoid being asked about the musician.

China Suarez has already left behind her fleeting courtship with Rusherking, from whom she separated in early April. Although at the time she admitted to being hurt, disappointed and very much in love, a month and a half later she managed to annul her feelings and explained how she did it.

China Suarez and Rusherking were dating for almost a year (Photo: Instagram / rusherking).

China Suarez and Rusherking were dating for almost a year (Photo: Instagram / rusherking).

China Suárez Finds Solace in Work and Pursues New Collaborations amidst Personal Growth

During a press conference for the presentation of the film Objetos, the movie she stars in with Spaniard Álvaro Morte, the actress assured that she is a woman “of fast processes”. “I’ve already left behind everything I had to leave behind. I’m older, so I’m really with my head in my work, very happy, very calm”, she said in Intrusos.

La China acknowledged that focusing on her work projects and her dreams pushed her to move forward. While filming a series with Pablo Echarri, she keeps alive the desire to make a song with Lali Espósito, her close friend and ex-partner of Casi Ángeles.

China Suárez Opens Up About Heartbreak and Reflects on the End of Her Relationship with Rusherking

At the beginning of April, after her visit to the show Noche al Dente, China Suarez shocked her followers after confirming a new love disappointment, in this case with Rusherking.

“That a relationship that I was betting everything on doesn’t work out is cruel. Having to let go of the person you wanted to grow old with is sad. I wish us a mourning with as little suffering as possible. I leave grateful for what I lived and with a broken heart for one of the most beautiful years of my life,” she posted on Instagram.

Rusherking Breaks His Silence: Confirms Split with La China Suárez and Addresses Rumors

The musical artist also said his own hours later: “I wanted to tell you that with Euge we are no longer together, and I wanted to tell you because I know there are many who were worried. Know that we love each other and we loved each other very much and that neither of us hurt the other, don’t believe the bullshit they say out there. Euge is one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met in my life. Thank you for your concern.

The news came as a surprise to everyone, since María Eugenia had admitted that she was very much in love with him. The last time they talked was on April 19, when the interpreter wrote to her to pick up the belongings that had been left at her house.

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