Fabiola Martinez denies her Imminent Move

Fabiola Martinez denies her Imminent Move

After her marital separation from Bertin Osborne, Fabiola Martinez confessed that she was looking for a new house in Madrid – smaller and cheaper – to live with her children Kike and Carlos. Information that days later the singer herself confirmed, praising the category of the Venezuelan by not asking for anything after her breakup and moving to a somewhat more “humble” residence to start over.However, despite the fact that the ex-model assured that she would move soon, now she denies it quite annoyingly.

– CHANCE: Good morning Fabiola, how are you?

– FABIOLA: Oh my God! I thought you had already forgotten about me

– CH: How are you?

– FABIOLA: Good, good. Forgive me, I am late for a meeting

– CH: Has it been said that you were going to move but it seems that you were not?

– FABIOLA: You see, no. Look, it’s not because the press in general invent things, not you. Things come out that I don’t know where they come from and then we dedicate ourselves to denying them. No, it’s not our mess. What we count and what we say is what there is. The rest is up to you.

– CH: Everything okay?

– FABIOLA: Very good, very good

– CH: With wonderful Bertín?

– FABIOLA: Sorry, sorry, I’m very late.

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