Dolly Parton receives vaccine against covid-19

Dolly Parton receives vaccine of covid-19

Last month, Dolly Parton said she had not been vaccinated because she wanted to give more people a chance to get it.

In November 2020, Dolly Parton funded Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine research with one million dollars (20 million pesos) . Last month, the singer disclosed the reason why the dose had not yet been applied: “until more people have received theirs,” she said at the time. Now, the 75-year-old country star shared the exact moment he receives the first dose of his own medicine, literally .

The vaccine was administered at Vanderbilt Health, a clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. During the video and very much in her style, the artist invites her followers not to distrust and go out and get vaccinated . We recommend: “They opened most of his back”: son of ‘Cepillín’ talks about his father’s operation.

” I’m finally going to get my vaccine, I’m very excited . I’ve been waiting for a while. I’m old and smart enough to get it, ” she said before giving her fans a comic moment .

And it is that, minutes before receiving his first anticovid dose, what attracted the most attention was when he interpreted a very particular version of one of his most emblematic songs , replacing the chorus of “Jolene” by: “Vacuna, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I beg you, please do not hesitate, because once you are dead, it is a little late. ”

“I know I’m trying to be funny right now, but I’m serious about the vaccine .

We all want to get back to normal. I just want to cheer everyone up because the sooner we feel better, the sooner we’ll be back to normal. I just want to tell you. to you cowards, don’t be a bunch of chickens. Come out and get vaccinated.

That’s my message to you. ”


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