Did they hack Luis Miguel’s networks?  : The singer promised free tickets for his tour

Did they hack Luis Miguel’s networks? : The singer promised free tickets for his tour

Luis Miguel, the renowned Mexican singer, recently made a comeback to social media. However, some of his fans suspect that his account may have been hacked, given the unusual nature of his posts.

Following the announcement of his upcoming tour, the singer has returned to various social media platforms, but his followers have raised concerns about the legitimacy of his posts. They suggest that his sudden return may not be genuine, and that his accounts may have been compromised.

Despite these suspicions, Luis Miguel continued to make posts on Twitter, including a message in the early hours of February 25th, in which he greeted his fans for the first time in four years. The post read, “Good night, I love you all,” and was met with enthusiasm from his loyal fans.

However, it was his subsequent post that led to theories of a potential hack. In the post, Luis Miguel offered free tickets to his next concert to fans who responded to his tweet. This unusual request raised suspicion among some fans, who suggested that it may be an attempt to gain access to their personal information.

While it is unclear whether Luis Miguel’s accounts have been hacked, the singer’s fans remain vigilant and cautious. They are eagerly awaiting further updates from the beloved performer, but are also taking measures to protect their personal information and online security.

“Like this tweet if you want free tickets to my next show”

This post, after more than 12 hours of being on your profile, is about to reach the 200,000 likes and more than 4,000 replies, including many netizens who believe the message was not posted by a hacker.

This is the message that raised the most doubts about whether Luis Miguel was really using his account (Screenshot)

Some of the reactions to this were: “Has your account been hacked? »“They hacked Luis Miguel”, “I think they hacked our sun’s account”, “Chale well hacked”, “Hugely hacked they hit him hahahahaha”, “someone stole your accounti saw something weird before when he said i love you all”, “OK i think they already hacked it, but for some reason i already gave it as MY SULTAN”.

To end his interaction in the networks, Luis Miguel wrote: “Ok good night everyone”, and closed the message with a heart emoji.

Dozens of influencers, celebrities and other verified platforms reacted to Luis Miguel’s tweets, hoping he was really the one who wrote them (Screenshot)

Fans of the interpreter of Now you can leave came to the conclusion that perhaps the account of luismi It was taken by another person without his consent because, in addition to the fact that the singer is not used to using his social networks, the language with which he wrote the messages is not the one he was using years ago; Besides that, on very rare occasions, he expressed his love for them to his followers.

The last time Gallego Basteri used his account Twitter write a message that was not to thank his achievements, it was in 2019, when he split his time in different cities with his tour Mexico forever.

It should be noted that, since his profile was opened on said platform, The sun At no time did he use it to send this type of message to his followers, instead he shares photos and images of the recognitions that have been granted to him, as well as videos of some of his presentations.

As his friends had predicted in 2022, Luis Miguel confirmed that he would make a visit This year. Although he only announced his tour with an image that he shared on all his networks, the details of the shows are known thanks to the businessmen behind this project.

Luis Miguel may be starting his tour in Argentina, according to the Ventaneando program; then he would visit Mexico (Getty Images)

Who gave more information about this was Carlos Bremerwho ensured that Mickey will give 200 gigs In different parts of the world, she will sing her greatest hits, but she will also promote her new album, which she will probably release in the coming months.

This disc could be pop genreas he commented the donkey Van Rankin, well luismi he will seek to return to the time when he sang few ballads.

For the moment, the interpreter of Turn around put the accent on new Yorkaccompanied by his supposed girlfriend and comrade, dove caves. For the past few months, Luis Miguel has been living in Spainwhere would there be Checked in his new album and say again for the tour, as he has been seen repeatedly strolling through luxury malls with Enrique Ponce’s ex-wife.

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