Some people say that the best curve of a woman is her smile and the beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson can reaffirm it, since with a radiant smile she was portrayed next to the sought-after Hollywood actor and close friend of the actress, Chris Evans.

Today, the handsome actor turns 41 years old, for which the entire internet has decided to congratulate him, as well as to remember his best films in which he made his most acclaimed performances, so a photograph circulated where he appears smiling together to the actress who personifies the flirtatious and dangerous spy Black Widow showing off their good chemistry, as well as friendship.

Both worked together on the film projects of the world of Marvel, the sought-after actor would give life to Captain America Both would share a lot of time on the screen, there are even some fans who have the faithful hypothesis that their characters felt a certain attraction to each other, while others argue that it is simply a friendship, that’s how incredible the chemistry is of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans.

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So both would happily pose side by side, the beautiful 37-year-old actress would show off her beauty in a flirtatious strapless dress in a wine hue that contrasted perfectly with her pale skin, an elegant black dress embracing and accentuating her perfect waist to emphasize her slender silhouette, while her short blonde hair was loose in soft waves.

Scarlett Johansson radiant smile is portrayed with Chris Evans

Scarlett Johansson radiant smile is portrayed with Chris Evans

On the other hand, the “beau of beaus” would leave his female audience breathless with a striking royal blue suit, jacket and pants, while the shirt in a shade of water green that contrasted perfectly with the shade dark of his tie, a carefree beard hanging on his face.

These incredible artists got along wonderfully on set, even a few years have passed since each “hanged up the suit” of their respective superheroes, however in a new project on the streaming platform Apple which is under the name of Apple TV they will share the screen together again, in the film “Project Artemis”.

It would be the first time they work together again Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans After his departure from the Marvel universe, fans are eager to see their favorite artists together again.

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