Daddy Yankee: the best kept secret of ‘Gasolina’ months after his retirement

Daddy Yankee: the best kept secret of ‘Gasolina’ months after his retirement

Daddy Yankee will remain in the great history of Latin music. Months after announcing his retirement from the scene, history already places the Puerto Rican artist as one of the forerunners of reggaeton and the one who managed to make the genre tour the entire world. And if we talk about Daddy Yankee , it is impossible not to mention his first hit and, probably, his greatest hit: “Gasolina” .

It was in 2004 when Daddy Yankee publicized “Gasolina” and it is track 5 of his album “Barrio Chino”. This hit, which soon played over and over again on radio stations throughout the continent and -even- the entire world, made reggaeton known and achieved several records and achievements since its premiere. “Gasolina” was nominated for a Latin Grammy and a Latin Billboard in 2005, while its video competed in the American MTV Video Music Awards and in the Japanese version. In addition, Rolling Stone magazine included it among the best 500 songs in history.

The unknown story about the song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee

Yes OK Daddy Yankee will go down in history for “Gasolina” , the famous artist is the interpreter of the song, but not its author. In fact, who wrote it is Eddie Dee, while it was produced by LunyTunes. The song would end up being a hit in America, but also in non-Spanish-speaking European countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

What are you talking about? “Gasoline” ? Who is she, who loves her and who loves her, in the words of Daddy Yankee ? Well, everything seems to indicate that it refers to those women who enjoy an expensive lifestyle, linked to high-end and luxury cars, those that involve high fuel consumption.

Recently the Quenoticias portal referred to the explanation that Rolling Stone magazine gave about the origin of the song and who or what it is inspired by. According to the prestigious magazine, it all started when Daddy Yankee heard a man in the street yell at a girl: “Hey, my daughter! How do you like gasoline!”, referring precisely to the obsession of driving everywhere in luxurious cars.

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