Daddy Yankee stops following Arcángel on Instagram after controversial message to women

Daddy Yankee stops following Arcángel on Instagram after controversial message to women

On March 8, International Women’s Day was commemorated and various figures from the entertainment industry have spoken about it; However, not everyone used their social networks to send a congratulation, such is the case of Archangel, who was described as macho for his statements.

“You want them to respect you as a woman, but you keep teaching the cul * in social networks for likes”the reggaeton singer wrote through an Instagram story. Faced with this message, various urban artists have manifested in their own way, including Daddy Yankee.

And it is that, the popular ‘father of reggaeton’, Daddy Yankee, did not send a message through social networks, but spoke out against Arcángel’s statements, stopping him from following him on his official Instagram account.

It should be noted that Daddy Yankee is not the only urban artist who has shown his position before Arcángel’s statements. The singer Anitta also decided to respond to her colleague with a reflection on Instagram that was highly applauded by her thousands of followers.

“This is me, showing my ass on my Instagram. Now a special thematic question for women’s day yesterday … you can use which * of women in your videos and put explicit letters to get views, but at the same time say that women who show their own cul * in their social media. Don’t they deserve respect? ”, the Brazilian singer wrote on her Instagram profile.

“I’m confused. Putting the meaning of lady and gentleman in Google I come to the conclusion that I do more justice to the word than many guys out there who want women ladies, but have nothing of a gentleman. Happy womens day. That they deserve respect with or without cul * a. Be it on your Instagram or in music videos of men who believe that there must be women of one type to exploit them in what suits them and women of another type to make it yours. Peace, love and coherence “he added.


To avoid the growing criticism, Arcángel found it necessary to perform a live on Instagram to apologize for his unfortunate words about the woman, but his mea culpa did not convince netizens, who once again qualified the musician as a macho.

“A little explanation here, I have already learned many things. One cannot generalize. I was not referring to all women … I was referring to the decent, serious, hardworking woman who felt that I disrespected her with my comment ”, Arcángel said through Instagram.

This man apologizes to fine women, serious and responsible workers who have felt that I disrespected them with this comment, excuse me … I was referring to a certain type of woman, but it is true. They are all women and they all deserve respect”, added.

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