Daddy Yankee playing the piano with Marc Anthony at the 2021 Lo Nuestro Awards

Daddy Yankee playing the piano with Marc Anthony at the 2021 Lo Nuestro Awards

The 33rd Lo Nuestro Awards ceremony  was full of surprises and stellar performances by the guest artists who took the stage to put on a great show. One of the most anticipated presentations of the night was that of  Daddy Yankee and Marc Anthony , who performed their song De Vuelta Pa La Vuelta for the first time on stage . 

The Big Boss began the long-awaited performance by playing the piano and singing the first verses of the song, thus surprising the audience with his skills on the instrument. Shortly after, the Salsero de Oro appeared on the other side of the stage so that the reggaeton player would quickly join him.

From there, they both created magic on stage by offering a performance for the history of the awards. After all, not in all editions we can see a union of two greats of Latin music such as Daddy Yankee and Marc Anthony. They already say it in their song: a duo for history!

As expected, the performance earned unanimous applause from the audience and spectators who followed the gala from their homes.

Although without a doubt what most attracted the attention of his performance was Daddy Yankee playing the piano, a moment that became one of the most commented on the night of this Thursday, February 18.

“Seeing Daddy Yankee on a piano has made my night”, “Daddy Yankee at the beginning playing the piano and singing! Bye I can die in peace”, “Ok, since when did Daddy Yankee play the piano ?? Haha love it” , “Daddy Yankee at the piano, singing salsa, along with Marc Anthony .. That”, “I loved it so much when Daddy Yankee started playing the piano in the presentation” or “But Daddy Yankee besides being younger plays piano too” are just some of the hundreds of comments that are read on social networks about this moment. 

And you? What did you think of Daddy Yankee and Marc Anthony’s performance?

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