Christina Aguilera releases single ‘Somos nada’, composed by Mario Domm

Christina Aguilera releases single ‘Somos nada’, composed by Mario Domm

After the premiere of ‘Pa mis chicas’, which she was present at the Latin Grammy Awards.

Christina Aguilera releases single ‘Somos nada’, composed by Mario Domm
Christina Aguilera announced her new single in Spanish ‘Somos nada’, which was composed by Mexican Mario Domm

tight-fitting black leather dress was the wardrobe that Christina Aguilera chose to announce the release of her new Spanish single “Somos nada” , a composition by Mexican Mario Domm that is expected to be part of her new EP called La Fuerza .

In the photograph she shared on her social networks, her image is complemented by two shiny diamond leashes that hold two Doberman dogs, one on each side of the artist, who together maintain a somewhat futuristic vision. ” We are the flowers being born from the mud, ” she wrote in one of her publications, referring to a part of the lyrics written by Camila’s singer.

The scenario of the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, will host its return to Latin music awards ceremony where she will be accompanied by Nicki Nicole, Nathy Peluso and Becky G . Together they will give voice to their single “ Pa mis chicas ”, a song about female empowerment.

Two decades later, Christina Aguilera has announced that she will deliver more music in this language through three small productions. Although no further details have been given about the single, released on November 18, it is expected that ‘Xtina’ will continue to surprise its followers with more songs that will be released in the coming months.

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